Marriage is a wonderful gift created and designed by God. It is a true privilege to come alongside engaged couples and help build a strong, biblical framework with them as they enter  marriage together. Our premarital sessions are required for anyone desiring to be married at Gulf Coast Community Church. 

What do we offer?
We offer a total of six counseling sessions based on the Bible and the book Catching Foxes by John Henderson. Please purchase two books, one for the bride and one for the groom. 

Two of the six sessions will be with one of the pastors at Gulf Coast Community Church while the other four sessions will be with one of our premarital Mentor Couples.  Mentor Couples are Christ-centered couples who have experienced good times and bad, and with God’s help, have remained firmly committed to each other.  Mentor Couples serve as an extension of pastoral care and have been carefully selected by the pastors. Your Mentor Couple will be selected after your first session with a pastor.

Overview of premarital sessions
Session One
* An overview of the Premarital Process.
Chapter 1 – Telling Your Story
Chapter 2 – The Reason for Everything

Session Two (mentor couple)
Chapter 4 – Understanding What Marriage is Really About
Chapter 5 – The Covenant of Marriage

Session Three (mentor couple)
Chapter 6 – Becoming A Husband
Chapter 7 – Becoming a Wife

Session Four (mentor couple)
Chapter 8 – Understanding Marriage Conflict
Chapter 9 – Resolving Marriage Conflict Biblically

Session Five (mentor couple)
Chapter 10 – The Glory of Christ in Sexual Union
Chapter 11- The Glory of Christ in Financial Stewardship

Session Six (pastor)
* Walk through the ceremony
Chapter 12 – Getting a grip on Your Expectations.

To get started, please complete the Wedding form here.
Once you’ve submitted the form we will contact you to complete the application process and reserve facilities here at Gulf Coast Community if that’s your desire.
Please contact Steven Brunson at (813) 263-3630 with any additional questions.