Currently, the Riverview/Brandon campus joins together with the St. Petersburg campus for youth ministry while we are in the initial launch phase. We are currently developing our own student ministry which we anticipate being active soon.

We want our students to love, worship and enjoy God through a personal, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. By partnering with parents and training leaders, our desire is to make disciples through gospel-centered worship, community, teaching, and service.


Ages 12-18 (led by Ryan Carver)

RE:GENERATION St. Peterburg meets every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month at 6:30PM in the Education Building/ multi-purpose room of Gulf Coast Community Church St. Petersburg. Parents are welcome to attend as well. Doors open at 6PM for games and hang-time. Located at 555 76th Ave N St. Pete, 33702.

The 2nd Saturday of the month meeting (for ages 14-18) is focused primarily on equipping high-school students to have reasons for their faith and how to address common issues from within our secular culture with the gospel. We want to prepare and equip students to engage their culture and the world we live in for the fame of Jesus Christ.

The 4th Saturday of the month meeting (ages 12-18) includes worship, teaching of Scripture, games, and time for students to get to know one another in a group context. This meeting is for both middle and high school students. The focus of this meeting is to teach who Jesus is and what it means to follow Him.

RE:GENERATION St. Peterburg also has monthly events that take place. Sometimes these are retreats, movie nights, laser tag, etc. For more info, contact Teresa Nguyen @ (941) 799-0560



We want to honor the God-given role of parents in the lives of their students. We recognize that these times are precious and you will never have the opportunity sitting in front of you every day (in the form of your teen). Our desire is to see parents involved in our meetings, our events, and of course the personal lives of their own students. In a time when many parents feel the need to “retreat” or let their student be “on their own,” we’re asking that the parents get all the more involved.

Our calling is to come alongside you. We want to equip you. Finding and providing resources, conferences, community groups, corporate meetings like RE:GENERATION, prayer meetings, and pastoral availability for you and your student is a very important goal of ours.

As you invest in your student’s life you are making a contribution that’s worth infinitely more than any career or financial accomplishment. You have been given the privilege of being the primary agent of change in your student’s life. You have been given the opportunity to disciple, model, lead and encourage, and we see it as a great privilege to come along side you in that. Consider us partners for the advance of the Gospel.