Major in the Mina

Luke 19:11-27

This text is an incredible encouragement to me. It motivates me to serve the Lord with all my might while I wait for his return.

This story is a general teaching about the kingdom of God. Jesus did not come the first time to usher in the kingdom immediately. Rather, he came to do what is necessary in order to receive the kingdom, namely, to die for the forgiveness of sins. Once it’s done he would have to return to heaven for a period of time before his second return (vv. 11 & 12.)

Meanwhile, he expects that all who follow him (“servants,” vs. 13) to be doing work for the benefit of the kingdom. He gives each person what he or she needs to make a contribution. Some will be able to do more with what they were given. Others will be able to do less. But all are expected to use what they had to make a contribution. This is different than the similar parable found in Matthew 25:14-30 where each servant is given a different amount according to his or her ability. (Matthew 25: 15) The emphasis in this story then is not how much each was given, but that they were all given something to work with.

When Jesus comes back he will call all to an account, the unbelievers as well as the believers. Those who have been productive will be rewarded according to their production. Those who end up doing nothing will be condemned. These are people who prove by their inaction that their faith was a dead faith (James 2:24). Therefore, they will also be condemned with the rest of those who refuse to submit to Jesus’ rule.

This is an incredible encouragement to me because it motivates me to use my God-given talents, resources and spiritual gifts for the benefit of God’s kingdom. This means to bring honor to Jesus’ name, to help the church, to advance the Gospel, to find the lost children of Abraham.

Producing more minas means you use what you are given to advance the cause of the nobleman in some way. It means you attend to what matters to him. Therefore, you have to understand what he is after and expects of you while he’s away. He makes this clear in his action of seeking out Zacchaeus and concludes with his purpose statement in verse 10, “The Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.”

You can choose to live to serve the nobleman and be about his business while you wait for him to return, or you can choose to give little thought to it. If you follow in the footsteps of the last servant, you will be condemned with the rest of those who refuse to submit to Jesus’ reign and rule as the King of His kingdom when He returns.

Lord Jesus, thank you for equipping us with what we need to serve you as we wait for your arrival. Help us to take this warning to heart. But more importantly, help us to joyfully serve you with what we’ve been given with all our might, for your glory. Amen.

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